Minister opens new extension at Ballybay Business Park



ballybay1smAN ultra-modern new 4,000 square-foot ‘Phase 2’ extension to Ballybay Enterprise Park was officially opened on Monday morning last by Minister of State for Small Business John Perry TD, who was clearly impressed by the development and told those attending the event that it represented a “role model” of what could be achieved in local communities that believed in supporting small business enterprises.

Minister Perry added that he had no doubt that the new facility would prove a “huge catalyst” for the growth of small businesses in the Ballybay area.

Both the minister and Monaghan County Manager Eugene Cummins repeatedly emphasised the services, supports and advice now available to small and medium-sized businesses through the recently established Local Enterprise Offices (or LEOs) now linked up with each county council.

 These were “first-stop-shops” for any one starting up in business, and budding entrepreneurs were strongly encouraged to approach their local LEO and fully utilise the help and guidance on offer.


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Attractive new workspaces at ‘Phase 2’ of Ballybay Enterprise Park

SITUATED on the town’s Carrickmacross Road, Ballybay Enterprise Park is a facility that was set up to develop new business workspaces in the local area after a partnership was entered into between Ballybay Development Association and Monaghan County Enterprise Fund.

ballybay1smAn impressive new extension was officially opened to the rear of the site this week by Minister of State for Small Business John Perry TD, adding substantially to the initial development that was completed in 1998-99 with the construction of five industrial units of 1,500 square foot each. All of these are occupied at present.

The primary objective in expanding the enterprise centre in works carried out over the last 15 months at a cost of over €500,000 was to enhance the potential for indigenous enterprise development and stimulate employment activity by creating workspace facilities.

Both the Monaghan County Development Board’s Strategic Plan and Ballybay Economic Forum had identified the shortage of suitable and affordable workspace units for micro enterprises as being a real hindrance to economic development.

It is now hoped that the new extension at Ballybay Enterprise Park will act as a catalyst to attract business start-ups to the town. Given the area’s highly successful and well-established agri-food sector, the workspaces on offer should be of particular interest to food production businesses.

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Official Opening of Ballybay Enterprise Park

The Ballybay Enterprise Park, Carrickmacross Road, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan will be Officially Opened 

by Minister John Perry Minister of State for Small Business

On Monday, 28th April 2014 @ 11.30 am

Enterprise Complex in Carrickmacross

Monaghan County Enterprise Fund, Monaghan County Council and Carrickmacross Town Council are partnering in the development and construction of an Enterprise Complex building adjacent to the Civic Centre, Riverside Road, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.

It is anticipated that C:TEK will be a 10,000 square foot, 2-storey building built to a similar design as the existing Civic Centre. In 2013 the Riverside Road area will be further developed with the commencement of new retail units and Monaghan County Enterprise Fund is excited about the opportunity to attract SMEs to the area and as a result new employment opportunities.

Ballybay welcomes new extension of Enterprise Units

Monaghan County Enterprise Fund has been awarded £373,000.00 by CASA Rural Investment Initiative for the establishment a 5000sq ft. workspace unit adjacent to Ballybay Enterprise Park.  Work commenced on this in December 2012 and is due to be completed in July 2013.  The building will consist of 5 starter units of 500 sq ft each and a 2,000 sq ft Training Room with remaining space for toilets/services and entrance foyer.  Pat O Brien, Chairman of Monaghan County Enterprise Fund officially launched the Ballybay Centre project on Monday 11th February 2013.